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Russian Interpreter in Atlanta

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After trying a few other translators first, I found that Kate Humphrey was by far the best.
Not only with her excellent translating skills but her vast knowledge of everything was so incredibly helpful,such as places and websites to obtain all the information needed to get the visas, cheapest plane tickets etc.
I can't immagine how I could've gotten my Ukranian finance and daughter to America without her help. I'm forever indebted to her.

Dennis, USA

Kate began translating for my company in 1999 at the International Wire Expo in Atlanta, Georgia. Since that time Kate has provided written translations on a consistent basis, legal, technical and everyday communications. CAP Technologies uses Kate exclusively, so needless to say, we are well pleased with her work and timely responses.

Edward Daigle,
President, CAP Technologies, LLC

Kate has been translating my written letters and interpreting my telephone conversations with native Russian women for about one year now. From the beginning, Kate has consistently demonstrated those qualities one always hopes for in a translator/interpreter and more - not only is she available on time, and interprets the conversation accurately, she translates all of what you have to say, and all of what the Russian speaking person has to say, without editing it or otherwise "summarizing" it as some translators are tempted to do.

Kate has excellent discretion: she is particularly careful not to involve herself personally in the telephone conversation as her first rule, even during highly personal and emotionally charged moments, and during discussions of difficult and quite sensitive matters.
At other times where she realizes there is some difficulty in understanding on the part of either side, she offers assistance in explaining the custom and usage of words and phrases.

Finally, Kate always remembers who is the client - when the other person asks a question directly of the translator, Kate advises you that she is being addressed, and asks your permission to answer. She then answers in Russian and provides you with an English translation of what she said. When you as the client ask her a question during the conversation or in a debriefing afterwards, Kate gives you her honest assessment. These are all marks of a true professional.

George, Washington DC.

Kate Humphrey and I first met in the summer of 2003 when I was trying to adopt my daughter, Alesia.

Kate is a wonderful translator, and a terrific person.
She does excellent work, and I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs professional, reliable translation or interpretation services.

Dee Thompson

I have used Ms. Humphreys service frequently for translating written correspondence and multi party telephone conversations. I have also had the pleasure of her translating on site on a few occasions.
I find her work most professional and recommend her to anyone in need of Russian/English translations.
RG, Georgia

I found Virtual Translation to be extremely helpful, competent, and friendly. I have worked with many translators in the past, and Virtual Translation is one of the very best. I can strongly recommend them.


My law firm represents a large international restaurant chain. My client met with a group of prospective franchisees from Russia. I engaged Ms. Humphrey to translate.
Ms. Humphrey was, in a single word, "brilliant". She arrived at the meeting ahead of schedule. She made an excellent appearance that reflected well on the client. Her translation skills were outstanding in every respect; she was able to convey not just word-for-word translation, but also idiom. She handled business and legal terminology with ease. She bonded well with our Russian guests; they were as impressed with her as we were.
We will use Ms. Humphrey in the future for all our Russian/English translation needs.
I would strongly recommend Ms. Humphrey.

Richard E. Johnson
Atlanta, GA

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